2014 kayaking adventures

One of the more memorable kayak tours from 2014 was with a smaller group.  As to not name names there was 4 people on the kayak trip.  Myself, 2 gentleman and a nice lady. It was July 26 early evening.  If you have never done it kayaking in Provincetown Harbor is beautiful.

The launch site was The Moors on the west end of Ptown.  4 kayakers including myself, this trip was going to be a breeze.  The wind was around 9 MPH.  This is a very manageable wind for kayaking.  Pointing our kayaks for Wood End Lighthouse we paddle out around some sand bars covered with sea grass.  Three quarters of the way to Wood End Lighthouse (about 1/2 mile) we make a turn right.  This takes the group up one of the most beautiful tidal rivers I have ever seen.  A winding snake of salt water eye level with sea grass.  Paddling up the tidal river is easy as the tide is still flowing in.  The river is becoming increasingly narrow and more shallow with every minute.

We reach what seems to be a dead end.  I tell the fellow kayakers to wait a moment.  I jump out of my kayak in thigh deep water.  I climb up onto the salt marsh and sea grass to discover that the river continues if we portage for about 20 feet.  I assist everyone out of there kayak and across the portage.  Within minutes we are back in water not more than a few inches deeper than the draft of our kayaks.  Crossing over a thin sand bar, we had to schooch our body’s slightly due to shallow water.  45 minutes have passed since our launch.  The tide has crested and water will now be flowing out of these rivers.  I had taken us to a turning point.  With the small portage and crossing the thin sand bar we are at another tidal river  Now we get to do one of my favorite things about kayaking.  Riding the tidal waters out of these tidal rivers.

This is similar to the feeling of surfing.  The power of water carrying us effortlessly.  At the end of this river we have done a large horseshoe shape path.  The river has left us 1/4 mile from the launch site.  Heading back in that direction we are nearing dusk!  The lights in the sky are becoming increasingly dark.  The last leg of the trip is to go right by the launch site to the final destination.  Here is the last of the 3 tidal rivers.  Paddling against the current I encourage my companions to push on. This river is much wider and also shorter.  This river fills a large tidal lake which is where we are headed.  We reach the point in the river where the tidal water exposes sand.

Everyone gets out of our kayaks and we put our feet in the sand.  There is green crabs scampering to hide from our presence.  Pictures are taken and we board our crafts and head back down the river for the launch site.  Again we ride the tidal waters, lightly surfing to our end destination.  Our kayak bows touch the sand at The Moors.  Slightly sad its over but happy at the same time because the trip was beautiful.

This is one of the reasons I love kayaking in Provincetown!