Drew’s 1st paddle boarding experience

Growing up watching people paddle boarding around Cape Cod through the surf and calm always made me want to try it out for myself. I guess I assumed that it was the kind of thing that took years to really get the hang of and was simply made easy looking by the people I always saw doing it. I had tried surfing and had fun but looked nothing like those dudes surfing through tunnels of waves in the movies and half the time I’d wipe out anyway. I was about as optimistic for my paddle boarding ventures. But I picked it up much more quickly than I thought I would when my buddies and I rented a few paddle boards and took them out on the water.

Paddleboards look a lot like surfboards but standing on them is entirely easier to balance, like the difference between riding a unicycle and a tricycle. I was able within minutes to get moving with some pretty good speed out on the water. It wasn’t long before my friends and I were racing along and trying to knock each other off into the water. After a truce we aligned our three boards into a wide, three hulled board raft and chugged along across the salt water. We let the wind blow us along, using our paddles held up in the air as sails to move us. We reluctantly pulled into shore at the end of the day, surprised at how much fun we had doing what would seem like such a simple activity. Even someone with no experience on a paddleboard can have a blast within a few minutes of getting on a board for the first time. If I knew earlier how much fun I would have paddle boarding, I would have gotten on one a long time ago.