Paddle Boarding & Paddle Board Yoga in Provincetown, MA

Most people have heard of the latest water sport trend known as stand up paddle boarding or SUP, but few have heard of paddle board yoga.  SUP yoga melds the meditative and retrospective qualities of yoga with the core building of SUP.   Doing yoga outdoors on land is a very relaxing and restorative experience, but yoga on a SUP board adds an element of focus which invigorates the mind and body as well.

Even though it has just come onto the yoga scene the last few years, paddle board yoga has become wildly popular for both yoga enthusiasts and novices alike.  Even beginners to both paddle boards and yoga can take classes without any special skills.  Most SUP yoga studios provide the paddle boards for the students, so there is no added expense.  For people who have no stand up padding boarding experience, a typical class may include 30 to 45 minutes of instruction on how to balance on a SUP board and how to paddle while standing up.

Surprisingly, most paddle boarding novices do not fall into the water if they take their time.  Since the boards are longer and flatter than a typical surfboard, it is more stable.  Because of the minor movement of the board, paddle board yoga provides a good workout because you have to continually shift your body using core muscles.  As a result, doing yoga on a paddle board is highly rewarding, both to the senses as well as the body

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