Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Provincetown, MA

Paddle boarding is a water sport which originated in Hawaii.  Traditionally, it involved kneeling on a board and paddling with the hands, using strokes similar to a butterfly stroke.   In the 1960s, surfers in Waikiki developed a new variation of paddle boarding, by standing up on the board and uses long-handled paddles to glide and maneuver through the waves.  This new variation on paddle boarding is known as stand up paddle boarding (SUP).  Professional surfers have long enjoyed stand up paddleboards, but it has only recently caught on with the general public within the last decade.

The main reason for the growing popularity of SUP is the learning curve is very short, even for a beginning.  A beginner can easily learn the necessary skills to balance and paddle on the board within an hour or two.  It is a very low impact sport, if done on calm waters.  It is an excellent sport for strengthening the core muscles of the body.  For the more adventurous paddlers, there are competitions for SUP conducted on ocean waves and river rapids

SUP boards are lightweight and buoyant, usually made from glass-reinforced plastic with a foam core.  Some SUP boards are made from hollowed out wood.  More recently, inflatable boards have become available, making them extremely portable.   Stand up paddleboards can also be rented at many outlets near lakes.   Try it out, and you may become hooked like many others.  Paddle boarding is a fun, safe, and relaxing sport which allows you to also enjoy nature and the outdoors.


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